Sediment Distribution and Transport Studies of the Inner Shelf Zone off the Central Coast of Kerala, India


  • M. Prithvi Raj
  • T. N. Prakash


Inner Shelf, surficial sediments, textural parameters, sediment transport, onshore-offshore, alongshore


Textural parameters of surficial sediments derived from the inner shelf zone off Kerala, between Kuzhipalli and Chawghat, delineate probable sediment transport trends. The onshore offshore sediment transport study indicated transport trends both in onshore as well as offshore directions in sectors where fluvial action is prevalent. Onshore transport only occurred in the sector devoid of fluvial influence. The alongshore sediment transport study, based on 4 profiles parallel to the coast, showed a strong northerly trend of sediment movement at a depth beyond 20 m isobath and movement in north and south directions in shallower (˂ 20 m ) depths of the shelf. The logical inference drawn from this study is that movement of sediments in shallower portions of the shelf is influenced by the interaction of waves, currents, and fluvial processes. Sediment movements in deeper portions mainly result from wave turbulences.

Author Biographies

M. Prithvi Raj

T. N. Prakash