Geomorphology of Dungeness Spit, Washington, USA


  • Maurice L. Schwartz
  • Paolo Fabbri
  • R. Scott Wallace


Barrier beaches, coastal geomorphology, Dungeness Spit, net shore drift, sediment analyses, spits, Strait of Juan de Fuca, tidal currents, Washington State


Since 1855, Dungeness Spit has prograded to the northeast at 4.4 m/yr, with a net shoredrift rate on the order of 14,200 m3/yr. Net shore-drift direction varies with fetch, developing through time and space an unusual spit complex. Tidal currents in the channel between the two lagoon segments attain velocities of 56 cm/sec on the flood and 60 cm/sec on the ebb. A gravel lag deposit is found within the channel, mud within the central lagoon regions, and sand near the spit and mainland shore.

Author Biographies

Maurice L. Schwartz

Paolo Fabbri

R. Scott Wallace