Seasonal Developmental Sequences of Emerita talpoida (Say) (Anomura, Hippidae)


  • Humberto Diaz
  • John D. Costlow


Larval development, sand crab, Emerita, sandy beach, seasonality


The larval development of the sand crab Emerita talpoid (Say) was studied under similar laboratory conditions using larvae hatched from eggs produced in a single locality during spring and summer. Two developmental sequences were found, larvae hatched in May went through five or six developmental stages while those hatched in August showed six or seven stages and took longer to metamorphose. These developmental sequences were ascribed to environmental conditions to which adults and embryos were exposed. The role of factors such as temperature, salinity, amount of yolk in the eggs are discussed in relation to ecological models of larval development.

Author Biographies

Humberto Diaz

John D. Costlow