Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Information for Coastal Management, Florida


  • David W. Fischer
  • Gregory W. Stone
  • James P. Morgan
  • Donald E. Henningsen


Coastal Data Base, Coastal Demography, Coastal Geomorpholgy, Coastal Land Use, Coastal Recreation, Coastal Zone Management, Florida's Beaches, Nassau County, Storm Wave Susceptibility



A basic problem confronting Florida's state and local agencies involved in coastal management bas been a lack of information for constructing a common coastal data base for planning, funding and coordinating state and local programs. This paper reports on a Florida-wide research project which developed an information base composed of comprehensive, yet integrated set of data designed for local as well as state government decision-making. A set of scientific data arrayed to facilitate decision-making via their display and interrelationships allows physical and land use attributes to be correllated. This paper provides a general overview of the approach employed and the types of data generated for barrier and mainland beaches in Florida.