Interesting Butterflies of the Czech Republic.

  • R. Hrabák
  • D. Povolný
Keywords: Aristolochiaceae, Asia, Asia Minor, Balkans, Bavaria, Bohemia, conservation, distribution, endemism, Europe, France, genetics, Genitianaceae, Germany, hostplants, Hungary, Libytheidae, Lycaenidae, Mediterranean, mimicry, Moravia, Nearctic, Nymphalidae, Palearctic, Papilionidae, Pieridae, Poland, Polygonaceae, Quaternary, Rhopalocera, Sesiidae, Slovakia, Tertiary, Ukraine, Zygaenidae


Some butterflies of special interest in the Czech Republic (including mention of endemic Sesiidae and Zygaenidae) are noted and illustrated, particularly endemic species and endangered species. The geographical and geologic-historical summary for the Czech Republic notes the 4 major faunal elements of local nature: Hercynian District, Carpathian District, Pontico-Pannonian District, and Polonian District.