Palearctic Zygaenidae and Some of their Mimics.

  • G. O. Krizek
  • M. Ortiz-G.
  • L. Havel
Keywords: Anatolia, chemical defense, Cercopidae, Cleridae, Coleoptera, Czech Republic, France, Homoptera, Italy, Meloidae, mimicry, Morocco, Müllerian mimicry, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Zygaena


Based on the description of a Mullerian mimetic complex involving Palearctic Zygaenidae and their mimics, as described by Sbordoni and Forestiero (see Literature Cited), the authors assembled 28 pictures from life of 20 species of Palearctic Zygaenidae and 4 pictures of their mimics, belonging to different orders of insects (e.g., Coleoptera: Cleridae and Meloidae) and Homoptera (Cercopidae).