Egg Structure and Notes on Biology of Theclinae from Primorye, Russian Far East (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae).

  • A. Dantchenko
  • A. Sourakov
  • T. C. Emmel
Keywords: Amur, Antigius, Aphnaeus, Araragi, Arhopala, Artropoetes, Asia, behavior, Betulaceae, China, Chrysozephyrus, ecology, Eumaeini, Fagaceae, Fixsenia, hostplants, immatures, Japonica, Juglandaceae, Korea, larvae, Loxura, Manchuria, morphology, Neozephyrus, Oleaceae, Palearctic, Papilionidae, Rhamnaceae, Rhopalocera, Rosaceae, Rutaceae, Shirozua, Strymonidia, systematics, Thecla, Theclini, Ulmaceae, Umbelliferae, Ussuri, Ussuriana, Wagimo


The biology and systematics of hairstreak butterflies of the genera Artropoetes, Araragi, Strymonidia, Neozephyrus, Wagimo, Ussuriana, Fixsenia, Thecla, Chrysozephyrus, Japonica, Shirozua, and Antigius from the Russian Far East are discussed. The life histories and especially the morphology of the eggs are useful in drawing taxonomic conclusions.