Vol 121 (2008): Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society
Krome Memorial Institute (Tropicals)

Control of the Caribbean fruit fly on three peach cultivars in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

Robert Rouse
Published December 1, 2008


Low-chill peach cultivars (‘Flordaprince’, ‘TropicBeauty’, and ‘Flordaglo’) were evaluated in two sites (Beneficiado and Montaña) in Adjuntas, PR. Fruit yield and quality were severely reduced by Caribbean fruit fly [Anastrepha sus­pensa (Loew)], which had not been previously reported in peaches in Puerto Rico. The objective of this study was to evaluate a control method for this species. To evaluate fruit fly control, a paired design was used. Three pairs of trees per cultivar (similar yield) were chosen in the two peach sites. One of the two sites was sprayed weekly with GF-120 NF Naturalyte® (Dow AgroSciences). Mature fruits were harvested randomly from each tree on four sampling dates. A lower number of fruit fly larvae were observed in fruits from treated trees. Differences in the number of fruit fly larvae between pairs within each cultivar were evaluated by a paired t test. Statisical analysis results demonstrated the efficiency of the treatment to control A. suspensa in the evaluated peach cultivars. By increasing the treated area, efficacy should improve.