Vol 120 (2007): Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society
Krome Memorial Institute (Tropicals)

Internet-based audio and video (IAV): a new resource for extension, teaching, and research

Ian Maguire
Tropical Research and Education Center
Published December 1, 2007
  • digital video,
  • internet extension resources,
  • extension technology


The integration of digital video and web pages has become increasingly popular in the past 3 years due to the availability of high-speed Internet connections, improvement of streaming technology, development of user-friendly equipment and software for production and editing, and free video hosting services. Internet-based audio and video (IAV) is a powerful tool for mass and specialized communication because content can be easily produced and distributed through multiple venues: websites, emails, and text messages. This rapid form of visual communication offers the possibility of a new resource for extension, teaching, and research at the university level.