Vol 117 (2004): Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society

Drift potential of citrus air-carrier sprayers

Masoud Salyani
University of Florida
Published December 1, 2004
  • air-blast sprayer,
  • nozzle,
  • atomizer,
  • deposition,
  • fluorometry


Five commonly used citrus air-carrier sprayers were used to investigate the effects of sprayer type and operating parameters on drift potential of the applications. Spray drift potential was estimated by quantifying deposits of a fluorescent tracer dye on polyester string targets. A pair of string collector was hung vertically at each sample location, on two sides of the spray application line. The targets were collected shortly after the applications and the dye deposit on the string was determined by fluorometry. Weather data were also recorded during the applications. Every spray application resulted in some measurable drift deposit. The magnitude and the direction of the spray drift largely depended on prevailing wind direction.