Vol 117 (2004): Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society

The use of Serenade Biofungicide to control foliar fungal diseases of Florida citrus

Brett H. Highland
AgraQuest Inc.
L. W. Timmer
University of Florida
Published December 1, 2004
  • alternaria brown spot,
  • fruit drop,
  • greasy spot,
  • melanose,
  • postbloom,
  • scab
  • ...More


Serenade® Bacillus subtilis biofungicide (QRD 137, QRD 131, QRD 132, QRD 141) is a new biologically based fungicide/ bactericide registered for use against a variety of fruit pathogens, including fire blight, scab and powdery mildew of apples and pears, mummy berry of blueberry, and gray mold (sour rot), powdery mildew and downy mildew of grapes. Serenade has been shown to inhibit plant pathogens by stopping spore germination, disrupting germ tube and mycelial growth and producing a zone of inhibition through secondary metabolites to restrict pathogen growth. Field trials were conducted in Florida citrus demonstrating the activity of Serenade against postbloom fruit drop (Colletotrichum acutatum), Alternaria brown spot ( Alternaria alternata), citrus scab (Elsinoe fawcetti), and greasy spot (Mycosphaerella citri). Serenade biofungicide can be viewed as a viable, effective, safe, and IPM acceptable alternative for foliar disease control in Florida citrus.