The Causes of Sinkholes: Man and Nature, The Culprits


  • Louis A Paganini


Most of Florida's present day sink holes, in populated areas, are being formed and are appearing because of a disregard for, or a lack of understanding of, underground drainage by engineers, planners, developers and others. Through either reckless or deliberate action they impede, alter, or induce a new course for subsurface water movement in order to construct roads, highways, and buildings or to otherwise improve an area. Little thought is given to the erosive forces of even the smallest amounts of uncontrolled water. Even less thought is given to the great property damage or the great monetary loss that might occur. No thought is given the possible displacement of human beings when their homes are lost in sinkholes—sinkholes that develop from redirected water flow or from water which escapes from swimming pools and sewer lines.