Issues on the Use of Variogram-Based Feature Vectors in Content Based Image Retrieval


  • Zhixiao Xie
  • Fang Qiu


Content Based Inlage Retrieval (CBIR) intends to objectively and efficiently retrieve interested images or image segnlcnts (pixel blocks) from a large-volume image database based on the content similarity between a query icon (or sample image) and database images (or image segments). CBIR was originated from computer vision and database community (Flickner et al., 1995; Pentland et al.,1996; Smith and Chang, 1996) and has been gradually accepted by GIScientists for geographic image database applications (Ma and Manjunath, 1996; Bruns and Egenhofer, 1996; Sheikholeslamli et al.,1999; Agouris et al., 1999; Stefanidis et al., 2002; Bian, 2003; Bian and Xie, 2004).