Ischnorhynchinae from Costa Rica (Hemiptera-Heteroptera: Lygaeoidea: Lygaeidae) with Description of One New Species of <I>Kleidocerys</I>

  • Luis Cervantes Peredo
  • Harry Brailovsky


The subfamily Ischnorhynchinae is distributed worldwide and is represented by 3 genera Kleidocerys, Neokleidocerys, and Polychisme in the American Continent. Here, we report this subfamily for the first time from Costa Rica, redescribe Kleidocerys virescens, Neokleidocerys goldmani, Polychisme poecilus, and describe a new species, Kleidocerys costaricensis n. sp. A dorsal habitus illustration of the male, drawings of the male genitalia, and scanning electron micrographs of some morphological features are provided for this new species. A key to all Costa Rican species in the subfamily is presented.

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