Two New Species of <I>Aulacorthum</I> (Hemiptera: Aphididae) from Korea

  • Wonhoon Lee
  • Hyojoong Kim
  • Seunghwan Lee


Two new species of the genus Aulacorthum, Aulacorthum asteriphagum sp. nov. and Aulacorthum corydalicola sp. nov., are recognized from Korea on Aster scaber Thunb. and Corydalis spp. (C. pallida Pers. and C. speciosa Maxim.), respectively. They are described and illustrated in comparison with the closely related species Aulacorthum solani Kaltenbach 1843. Aulacorthum asteriphagum is mainly characterized by many secondary rhinaria (4–12) on Antenna III, and A. corydalicola is distinguished by short antennae (2.30–2.75 mm) including dark Antenna III. A revised key to the identification of the Korean species of Aulacorthum is presented.

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