Abundance and Reproduction of Euxesta stigmatis (Diptera: Otitidae) on Sweet Corn in Different Environmental Conditions

  • D. R. Seal
  • R. K. Jansson
  • K. Bondari


The abundance of a picture-winged fly, Euxesta stigmatis Loew (Diptera: Otitidae), was studied on sweet corn in different environmental conditions. Adults were more abundant on plants in the sun than on plants in the shade. More adults were observed on tall plants than on medium and short plants. Females found on corn tassels had smaller ovaries with fewer mature eggs than those found on other corn plant parts (i.e., stem, ear, or leaf). Females with many eggs per ovary were observed at 0900 hours EST, but the number of eggs per ovary decreased as the day progressed. The hosts of E. stigmatis in southern Florida included sweet corn, field corn, sorghum, sugarcane, guava, banana, atemoya, orchid, and potato. No larvae were found on orange.
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