Research Reports: New Species and Records of Predaceous Midges of the Genus Probezzia from Florida and Alabama (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

  • Wilis W. Wirth


Three new species of Probezzia Kieffer are described from one locality, Florida Caverns State Park in Jackson County, Florida: fairchildi New Species, meadi New Species, and weemsi New Species. A fourth species, glicki New Species, is described from two localities in Alabama. Florida distribution records are presented for five additional previously described species. The midges from Blackshear, Georgia, previously reported as Probezzia nigra Wirth, were misidentified, and are now reported as Macropeza blantoni Wirth and Ratanaworabhan (New Georgia State Record). A new key is provided to the 23 known North American species of Probezzia, as well as diagrammatic illustrations of the color patterns of femora and tibiae of females.
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