Research Reports: The Tenuipalpidae of Honduras (Tenuipalpidae: Acari)

  • Gregory A. Evans
  • Harvey L. Cromroy
  • Ronald Ochoa


The following 7 new species of the family Tenuipalpidae are described and illustrated: Brevipalpus andrewsi Evans New Species, Brevipalpus cromroyi, Evans New Species, Brevipalpus hondurani Evans New Species, Brevipalpus ochoai Evans New Species, Tenuipalpus bakerdeleonorum New Species, Tenuipalpus hondurensis New Species New Species, and Tenuipalpus molinai Evans New Species. Forty new host records and 20 new distribution records are reported for Honduran tenuipalpid species. Keys to the 4 genera and 32 Honduran species of tenuipalpid are provided. The following species: Tenuipalpus rhysus Baker & Pritchard, Brevipalpus phoenicoides Gonzalez and Brevipalpus tlaxensis Baker and Tuttle were found to be junior synonyms of Tenuipalpus bakeri McGregor, Brevipalpus phoenicis (Geijskes) and Brevipalpus pini Baker, respectively. Notes on the biology, distribution and host symptomatology of the various species are included.
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