Forum: An Overview of the Carambola Fruit Fly Bactrocera Species (Diptera: Tephritidae), found Recently in Suriname

  • van Sauers-Muller, Alies


The identification of a species of Bactrocera (formerly Dacus) in Suriname in 1986 resulted in a survey to obtain information on the host plants of this fruit fly and its geographical distribution. During four years, 77 plant species were collected to obtain fruit flies infesting those fruits and Jackson traps were set to collect adults. Only one Bactrocera species and several Anastrepha species were reared from fruits. The Carambola fruit fly was found in 15 plant species and flies were trapped from the eastern border up to 56@* 30@? longitude west in the Coronie district; to the south up to the Brokopondo Lake and southwest isolated along the western border with Guyana.
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