Research Reports: Biology of and Rates of Parasitism by Nymphal and Adult Parasites of the Salt-Marsh-Inhabiting Planthoppers Prokelisia Marginata and P. Dolus

  • Peter Stiling
  • Ann Throckmorton
  • Jay Silvanima
  • Donald Strong


Elenchus koebelei (Strepsiptera) and Pseudogonatopus arizonicus (Dryinidae) are recorded as parasitoids of nymphs and adults of Prokelisia marginata and P. dolus in north Florida salt marshes. Prokelisia spp. are new host records for P. arizonicus. Parasitized hosts can be found year round. Average monthly levels of parasitism vary between 0 and 1% for Pseudogonatopus and between 0 and 20% for Elenchus. Both superparasitism and multiparasitism of Prokelisia hosts was noted. The maximum number of recorded parasites per host was four for Elenchus and two for Pseudogonatopus. Only two of 88,354 hosts were found to contain both parasites at the same time. Dryinid larvae may be hyperparasitized, but the hyperparasite responsible could not be reared out.
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