Compsocryptus of the Northern Caribbean with Description of a New Species From Hispaniola (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)

  • Charles C. Porter


Compsocryptus (Ichneumonidae: Mesostenini) is centered in the Sonoran Region of western North America and Middle America but has disjunct species in southern South America, in Florida, and on some of the northern Antilles. Compsocryptus stangei n. sp. is the 1st Compsocryptus reported from Hispaniola. It differs from other Caribbean and south Floridian congeners by the following combination of characters: body shining black, wings dark wih yellow blotches, gaster red, and thorax generally shining with narrow but prominent smooth intervals among the punctures. Compsocryptus fasciipennis (Brulle) of Florida and Cuba has yellow wing markings but a uniformly blue-black ground color on the gaster, mesosoma, and head. Compsocryptus orientalis Alayo & Tzankov (described from Cuba and here cited also from the Bahamas) has the wings almost uniformly dark and a subdued bluish-purple ground color. In both the foregoing species the thoracic punctures are dense with inconspicuous smooth interspaces.
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