Notes on Critical Character States in Telmatotrephes (Heteroptera: Nepidae)

  • S. L. Keffer
  • J. T. Polhemus
  • J. E. McPherson


In his 1972 revision of Telmatotrephes Stal, Lansbury discussed four character states he considered important in understanding the systematic position of the genus in the family. We examine the distribution of those characters across the Nepidae and find two of Lansbury's conclusions to be invalid. Short respiratory siphons are found in seven nepid genera, including Telmatotrephes, and not two as supposed by Lansbury. Paired sulci on the prothoracic venter are not unique to Telmatotrephes but are also found in Nepa Linnaeus. Vestigial, coriaceous metathoracic wings and clubbed egg respiratory horns without a plastron meshwork remain as valid diagnostic character states for Telmatotrephes as hypothesized by Lansbury.
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