Symposium: New Technologies for the Taxonomic Identification of Arthropods: Evaluations of Quality of Irradiated Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Ceratitis Capitata (Weidemann) (Diptera: Tephritidae), at the Release Site in Miami, Florida During an Eradication Program in 1985

  • C. O. Calkins
  • Ru Nguyen
  • K. Corwin
  • J. R. Brazzel


The Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Weidemann), was introduced accidentally into southern Florida in March 1985. Eradication efforts included four bait-sprays followed by releases of sterile flies four times per week for 12 weeks. The flies to be released were reared and sterilized in Hawaii and shipped as pupae by commercial air freight to Miami. Quality evaluations consisting of pupal weight, sex ratio, emergence rate, flight ability and mating propensity of the flies were made before release. In general, the quality of the flies received in Miami was found to be satisfactory throughout the shipment period.
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