Fall Armyworm Symposium--1988: Feeding Responses of Fall Armyworm Larvae on Excised Green and Yellow Whorl Tissue of Resistant and Susceptible Corn

  • B. R. Wiseman
  • D. J. Isenhour


Green and yellow whorl-stage foliage of resistant and susceptible corn, Zea mays L., were fed fresh as excised foliage or mixed in meridic diets to fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith), neonates. MpSWCB-4 manifested its resistance when fall armyworm larvae were fed fresh foliage (1985-87) but not when larvae were fed on tissue in a meridic diet. Larvae fed the green foliage were larger than those fed on yellow foliage tissue, irrespective of whether the foliage was resistant or susceptible. The resistance appears to be more behavioral than has been reported earlier.
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