Cecidomyiidae From Pine Cones in Florida, with a Generic Key to Larvae

  • Bernard H. Ebel
  • Raymond J. Gagne
  • Edward P. Merkel


The identity of Cecidomyiidae from cones of slash (Pinus elliottii Engelm.) and longleaf (P. palustris Mill.) pines is reported. Species found were Asynapta keeni (Foote), Resseliella silvana (Felt), Mycodiplosis thoracica (Fitch), and Lobodiplosis triangularis Felt. Resseliella silvana and possibly A. keeni were associated with primary cone damage while M. thoracica infested diseased cones; Lobodiplosis triangularis is known to be a predator. An illustrated generic key to the larvae of the known southern cone-infesting midges is presented.
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