Invasive Species Records and Updates Special Issue


Special Issue of Florida Entomologist

Invasive Species Records and Updates

About 85% of all imported materials in the US come via Miami and introduce about 7.1 insect species per year in South Florida alone. State and federal organizations, including USDA/ARS, USDA/APHIS, USDA/PPQ/NIS, CBP, DPI, and UF in Florida, constantly fight against new invasive species to protect the Floridian agriculture and landscape through regulatory interdictions, field surveillance, IFAS extension programs, and researching better-integrated pest management strategies. This special issue on Invasive Species Records and Updates in Florida Entomologist is dedicated to recognizing their efforts.

The journal aims to publish 12–14 articles, including three solicited scientific notes and one solicited review article, in this special issue. This issue will be inclusive of all critical taxon of new invasive species, including three to four research articles from new hemipteran invasive species since it is one of the largest groups of invasive species in Florida, three to four from other insect orders besides hemipteran, and two from non-insect orders, including mites and snails. This will make eight to ten research articles in total.

Letters of intent, in the form of an abstract with title and author list, are due March 30, 2023, and will be reviewed and selected for the special issue on a first come first serve basis. The deadline for submission of full articles is September 30, 2023.


Please email Dr. Zee Ahmed, editor for the special issue, at with letters of intent and any questions.