Rewriting the Narrative: Breaking the Silence of a Lifelong Follower


  • Gabrielle Gibson
  • Cristobal Salinas


This paper explores the experiences of lifelong followership in a world that romanticizes the role of leadership, shown through personal, hand-written journals. I will argue that while leadership paradigms can be constructive to those who see themselves and their identities having access to capturing leadership roles, the importance of inspiring and practicing value within followership has been dismissed. Therefore, I will not only inspire value in the role of a follower and in followership as an “uncertain terrain of leadership”, but also argue that “Authentic Leadership” is not produced in leadership that requires public and private expression. Therefore, I attempt to call in to need curriculum that creates a culture that explores the identity, role and value of followership; one must publish more literature on followership to rewrite the narrative, and instill worth in a follower’s storyline through curriculum to combat the destructive and exclusive narrative of leadership pedagogies.