Yoga as an Adjunct Therapy Through the Lens of Positive Psychology Theory and Neuroscience


  • Haylee F. Trulson
  • Laura Vernon


yoga, mindfulness, neuroscience, positive psychology


Therapeutic interventions incorporating
mindfulness have proliferated as complementary
treatment. One adjunct mindfulness intervention
that warrants further study is Yoga; a physical and
spiritual practice to facilitate a mind-body connection.
Research has shown a consistent yoga practice can affect
cognitive, behavioral, and emotional wellbeing and
may be effective for reducing symptoms of anxiety and
depression. Neuroimaging studies have begun to explore
the neurophysiological benefits to determine whether
these are specific to yoga or present in metabolically
equivalent forms of exercise. The objective of this paper is
to review empirical literature on the benefits of yoga and
examine whether current positive psychology theory and
neuroscience research offer support for yoga as an adjunct