Gopher Apple, Geobalanus oblongifolius Synonym: Licania michauxii
side image of gopher tortoise opening its mouth. Figure 4 from  Wildlife of Florida Factsheet: Gopher Tortoise: WEC396/UW441, 8/2018
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Miller, Debbie, Mack Thetford, Chris Verlinde, Gabriel Campbell, and Ashlynn Smith. 2018. “Gopher Apple, Geobalanus Oblongifolius Synonym: Licania Michauxii: SGEB-75-8/SG169, 9/2018”. EDIS 2018 (5). Gainesville, FL.


Gopher apple occurs from the lower Florida peninsula northward to South Carolina westward to Louisiana in coastal dunes, sandhills, and disturbed areas such as roadsides. Gopher apple gets its name because gopher tortoises, along with other small mammals, eat their fruit. Gopher apple is an ideal groundcover for a coastal landscape with well-draining soil and a low pH (Gilman 2014).

Note: This fact sheet is also available as a chapter in a comprehensive manual titled Dune Restoration and Enhancement for the Florida Panhandle,  Please see the manual for more information about other useful and attractive native plants for dunes and for further information about restoration and preservation techniques
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