AltNCA Comes to UDC: How Should Academic Associations “Fight for Humanity”?


  • Michelle Rodino-Colocino


Taking UDC’s 2018 conference theme as a prompt, I put together a panel asking participants, “How Should Academic Associations ‘Fight for Humanity’?” after organizing alternative accommodations for NCA’s (National Communication Association) 103rd convention because of a boycott of Texas, the host state. Immigration activists and the State of California were boycotting Texas antiimmigrant and anti-LGBTQ laws, respectively. As organizing this alternative convention moved forward, and indeed, at the convention itself, I found myself asking the same questions that inspired UDC’s founding three decades ago: What is an academic association for? How can an academic association politically mobilize through a union of radical scholars to work for justice, equity, and peace? This essay engages these questions and asks UDC members to build a solidarity network to support each other in the fight for humanity.






Critical Commentary