A HAZOP Teaching Module and Verification Strategy for the Chemical Engineering Capstone Subject


  • Colin A. Scholes The University of Melbourne




A teaching module for HAZOPs is presented here that was included in the capstone subject. The module included a lecture, class exercise and an advisors’ led workshop. Some students undertake HAZOPs individually, representing academic misconduct. A verification strategy, based on Zipf’s law, is presented that analyses word frequency and key words presented in the HAZOP reporting tables, to determine if students had undertaken group work. The presented examples demonstrate the effectiveness of this verification strategy.

Author Biography

Colin A. Scholes, The University of Melbourne

Colin A. Scholes CChem FRACI CEng MIChemE is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Melbourne. He is an expert in clean energy processing and membrane science, particularly developing strategies to assist the transition to a low carbon future. He is also a passionate engineering educator to people from disadvantaged backgrounds. He has worked with disadvantaged communities in Australia and the Pacific on sustainable water and energy projects.