Educational Intensification: A Partnership Between Industry and Academia


  • Paul Witt Dow
  • Dan Hickman Dow
  • Jeff Herron Dow



We observe that increased interactions between faculty, students, and industrial researchers enrich the student educational experience. These interactions develop a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Our observations indicate more direct, varied, and intentional approaches to academic-industry interactions build stronger partnerships. In this paper, we present examples of what we deem Educational Intensification. We describe Educational Intensification and present novel methods to increase the academia-industrial interaction, including industrially-presented short-courses and faculty sabbaticals in industry.

Author Biographies

Paul Witt, Dow

Paul M. Witt, PhD, is an associate director of Engineering & Process Science at Dow. Through various roles, he supported numerous undergraduate and graduate internships supporting reaction engineering and process systems engineering. He contributed to numerous technologies across Dow with emphasis on real-time optimization and reactor design.

Dan Hickman, Dow

Daniel A. Hickman, PhD, is a senior fellow in Core R&D at Dow. Dan has been a subject matter expert and technical leader in reaction engineering and process development for numerous reaction systems across a variety of Dow businesses and technologies. Dan has supervised many interns and co-ops, provided seminars, lectures, and short courses at several universities, hosted two professors on sabbatical at Dow, and leads one of the campus recruiting teams for Dow R&D.

Jeff Herron, Dow

Jeffrey A. Herron, PhD, is an Associate Research Scientist in the Reaction Engineering group in Core R&D at Dow. Since joining Dow in 2015, he has supported reactor technology and developed processes for multiple Dow businesses. 



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