Spreading the Word (about Chemical Engineering)


  • Gilbert Shama Loughborough University
  • Klaus Hellgardt Loughborough University


The current situation regarding falling undergraduate admissions to chemical engineering departments in the UK is analyzed with reference to the structure of secondary education.  A collaboration is proposed between departments of chemical engineering, local schools, and industry for introducing the concepts of chemical engineering to school-aged children.  The proposed scheme integrates a design exercise within the teaching of organic chemistry and is aimed at increasing awareness of the discipline and ultimately increasing the number of admissions to university departments.  The proposal is intended for widespread application both within the UK and elsewhere.

Author Biographies

Gilbert Shama, Loughborough University

Gilbert Shama has been in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Loughborough for just over ten years. He has long been a memberof the Departmental Admissions Team and has special responsibilities for new initiatives aimed at boosting undergraduate recruitment.

Klaus Hellgardt, Loughborough University

Klaus Hellgardt joined the Loughborough Chemical Engineering Department in 1995. He is a relatively recent recruit to the Admissions Team. He is responsible for overseas recruitment.