Vol. 20 (2002)
Issue Description

The Proclamation of the New Covenant: The Pre-Iconoclastic Altar Ciboria in Rome and Constantinople, Jelena Bogdanović

Representations of Others in Early Christian and Byzantine Art, Ljubomir Milanović

A Ladder of Camaldolite Salvation: the Façade of San Michele in Isola, Daniel Savoy

Gardens and Grottoes in Later Works by Mantegna, Carola Naumer

The Versailles Opéra, Nancy R. Rivers

Moreau le Jeune and the Monument du Costume, Bernadine Heller-Greenman

The 1857-58 American Exhibition of British Art: Critical Reactions in the Cultural Context of New York, Jennifer Rinalducci

Amelia Pelaez and the Insertion of the Female Sphere: The Cuban Vanguardia Reconsidered, María C. Gaztambide

The 1914 Werkbund Debate Resolved: The Design and Manufacture of Frank O. Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Irene Nero

Bakongo Afterlife and the Cosmological Direction: Translation of African Culture into North Florida Cemeteries, Kara Morrow

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