Vol. 12 (1994)
Issue Description

Points of View in Romanesque Sculpture: The Cluniac Group, William Travis

An Examination of Miniatures of the Office of St. Louis in Jeanne de Navarre’s Book of Hours, Tania Mertzman

Controlling Images: Portraits of Charles V as Representations of His Political Agenda in Fourteenth Century France, Jennifer L. Fields-Crow

Mantegna’s Minerva Overcoming the Vices Reconsidered, Gail A. Kallins

The Sabbatarian Struggle of Michelangelo, John Gabriel Haddad

Socio-economic Aspects of Netherlandish Painting during the Sixteenth Century, Thomas Bayer

“Cloth of the Spider:” Deciphering Alfred Stevens’ Intriguing “Puzzle Painting,” Young Woman with a Japanese Screen, Glenn Taylor

Frederick Carl Frieseke Rediscovered, Betty Lou Williams

Picasso’s Influence on Jackson Pollock’s Late Black and White Paintings, Verlon Cary

The Art of Bessie Harvey: Her Gift of the Spirit, Diana McClintock

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