A Grounded Theory Exploration of Air Taxis in Florida

Motivations for Adoption





motivations, air taxis, adoption, technology, e-VTOL


This study investigates Floridians’ perspectives on an emerging mode of transportation: air taxis, technically known as e-VTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing). This qualitative study aimed to identify the primary motivations for fostering acceptance and adoption by the general public. Three significant themes and seven sub-themes were identified through a grounded theory exploration of 13 in-depth interviews. The main themes encompass trust, a sense of agency, and the prolongment of excitement. Initial findings indicate that trust needs to be gained from the public through education, a guarantee of safety, and credible communication to generate acceptance of this new technology. However, findings suggest that Floridians view air taxis as a one-time entertainment, which does not guarantee adoption. Prolonging excitement and making passengers feel a sense of agency over their lives and time indicates that it will lead to adoption. The findings suggest a communication strategy to promote e-VTOL should be based on the three themes to ensure acceptance and adoption. Florida's future mobility plans can benefit from this qualitative research to re-imagine future cities, as few studies have assessed or investigated public motivations around this innovation.



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Social & Behavioral Sciences, Business, Education