Deriving Architectural Inspiration from Big Data




Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Architectural Design


It has been said that one of the most defining features of the 21st century so far has been the impact of social media. Trillions of data points exist in the digital realm, all charged with some sort of significance depending on what we are looking for.. The proposition of this paper is to explore how this data can be used as a driver for architectural design, and how other digital tools along with artificial intelligence can work symbiotically with our own design intentions and tendencies. The research goal of this paper is to briefly review and analyze multiple studies and journal articles that utilize big data, social media, and artificial intelligence to address issues in the realm of architectural and urban design. From these studies we will summarize the findings and synthesize the commonalities in their methods to speculate on how we could aggregate data to derive inspiration for an architectural design. Overall, this paper concludes that the methods for collecting and utilizing data across the field of design and urban planning can be adopted and utilized to collect data for the purpose of informing or inspiring an architectural design.


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