Digital Media Marketing for Dance: Enhancing Audience Engagement with Ballet Companies and Concert Dance Performance


  • Alexandra Lord Gagliano University of Florida



digital media, ballet dance, audience engagement, social media, attendance


Digital media play increasingly important roles in daily life, including directly influencing users’ interactions with others. Digital media marketing has become an increasingly important tool for dancers and the dance industry. Audience members and observers of the dance industry have grown and larger demographics beyond the dance world have been engaged through digital media marketing efforts and social media platforms. Analyzing audience engagement on social media platforms can provide data to assist dancers, dance studios, dance companies, dance programs, etc. to define their target audience and push them to reach a larger and/or different audiences. In this paper the author (1) assesses the impact of digital media marketing on audience engagement in ballet dance companies and concert dance, and (2) how to effectively strategize to increase audience engagement, in dance.


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