• Chadwick Auriol Gaspard The University of Florida
Keywords: Keywords: Hip Hop, Dance, Contemporary, Performance, fusion, breakdance


Hip Hop is a cultural phenomenon that is constantly evolving and has made a worldwide impact in a short time. While it continues to change Hip Hop at its core remains the same. Victor Quijada artistic director of the Rubberband Dance company posed the question of “What more could Hip Hop be”. With those words in mind the focus of my research is to examine the movement and concepts/ideologies of the breakdancing subculture of Hip Hop; to create a fusion with contemporary dance. As such a brand-new system of movement with its own concepts and life could be created. The dance world is continuously shifting, and different skill sets, as well as ideologies, have been valued at different times and places. This exploration will challenge the mainstream ideals of what is currently considered “technique” and “foundation”