Helium-3 Purification System And Acoustic Cavity For Concentration Determination

  • Carlos Banuelos Perez University of Florida
  • Wenguang Jiang University of Florida
Keywords: helium-3, acoustic cavity, purification


This paper discusses a filtering method of using differential adsorption to purify helium-3 (3He) from a helium-4 (4He) impurity. In addition, the paper discusses the precision of an acoustic cavity in determining the concentration of a mixture through measuring the speed of sound for a given sample. Data analysis will include measurements at room temperature in air at 1 atm, 4He at ≈ 1.2 x 105 Pa and 1.6 x 105 Pa, and Nitrogen at ≈ 1.0 x 105 Pa.

Author Biographies

Carlos Banuelos Perez, University of Florida
Physics department, assistant researcher.
Wenguang Jiang, University of Florida
Physics, graduate student


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