Forensic veterinary medicine in Chile

A professional examination

  • Erika Geraldo, DVM, MSc Veterinary pathology department, School of Veterinary Medicine, Universidad de las Americas, Campus Los Castaños, Viña del Mar, Chile
  • Francisco Arias, DVm , MEd School of Veterinary Medicine, Universidad de las Americas; and Investigación Veterinaria Forense


Forensic or legal medicine is a historic discipline formed to assist police and legal authorities in providing expert analysis in the fact-finding and adjudication process. It is traditionally concerned with the investigation of sudden and unexpected deaths (Dettmeyer et al. 2013, Madea 2014). It is a multifaceted field that involves several investigative skills, from evidence collection and observation to interpretation and determination. As a scientific discipline in constant evolution, it has seen incredible developments over time that have considerably improved forensic medicine, allowing better collaboration and validation of expert testimony (Madea 2014).

Professional Notes