Smart Passenger Center: Real-Time Optimization of Urban Public Transport


  • Alfonso Corrado
  • Simona Barba
  • Isabel Carozzo
  • Simone Nardi Mermec Engineering srl



This paper introduces the Smart Passenger Center (SPaCe), MerMec's solution for real-time optimization of urban public transport. The proposed system, based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, provides real-time vehicle status information and passenger activity monitoring. All of the information acquired from the vehicles is used to optimize the performance of the vehicle fleet for real-time traffic management.
The purpose of the paper is to explain the reasons and benefits of such Intelligent Transport System (ITS) with a deep understanding of its architecture and advanced functionalities.
Additionally, a practical application of the data collected by SPaCe is proposed for the task of bus timetable optimization.
The goal is to schedule bus trips in a way that maximizes multiple conflicting goals such as service quality and operating costs, based on real time collected data.
The reported results show how the developed optimization system can support the decision-making process to balance the interests between passengers and public transport agencies.




How to Cite

Corrado, A., Barba, S., Carozzo, I., & Nardi, S. (2023). Smart Passenger Center: Real-Time Optimization of Urban Public Transport. The International FLAIRS Conference Proceedings, 36(1).



Special Track: AI for Urban Traffic Control and Mobility