Coordinating Traditional Values, Scientific Research and Practical Management to Enhance Conservation and Development Objectives in the Andringitra Mountains, Madagascar: Lessons Learned!


  • Hanta Rabetaliana
  • Peter Schachenmann


The Andringitra Mountains in south-central Madagascar have been a Strict Nature Reserve since 1927 because they were recognized by early explorers (Perrier de la Bathie, 1911; Humbert, 1924) as a bio-geographical convergence zone of different landscapes, ecosystems and habitats. Each had an outstanding biological diversity with an Eco-regional function as an important watershed area. Protected by legislation, relative inaccessibility and a rude climate, the Andringitra Mountains were left in "splendid isolation" for over 65 years. Eventually, a concerted effort by national and international conservation interests produced the 1st Malagasy National Environmental Action Plan in 1989. L'Association Nationale pour la Gestion des Aires Protégées (A.N.G.A.P.) is designated as the future National Park Service Organization. Among other sites, Andringitra Strict Nature Reserve became a priority for intervention during the 1st phase environment program (1991-95), assisted by various conservation NGO's.