Engaging Both Sides: Dual Track Diplomacy and Dialogue in Cameroon


  • Nguh Nwei Asanga Fon
  • Emmanuel Achiri


 The crisis in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon that began as a protest by teachers and lawyers trade unions in late 2016 is becoming an intractable conflict which if not addressed risks destabilizing the entire Central African sub-region. Using Zartman’s “ripeness” as a theoretical premise, this paper analyses the evolution of the conflict and proposes dual track diplomacy as a possible solution to break the present deadlock. Given the difficulties for both sides to escalate their way to victory and the growing, unsustainable cost of a prolonged confrontation, the present situation shows significant traces of a mutually hurting stalemate that we propose can be exploited by actors interested in resolution of the conflict. The need for and possible policy implications of pursuing a dual track diplomatic approach is explored here. It is obvious that dual track diplomacy can contribute greatly to bringing a lasting solution to the Anglophone crisis.